Tour TOHU’s circus ring – Vertigo & Vino

Tour TOHU's circus ring - Vertigo & Vino

What ?

artsScene and TOHU invite you to discover the talent and entrepreneurship of Montreal’s key sector of creativity that reverberates around the world. By living this experience and exploring the heights of the Cité des arts du cirque you will understand how modern circus arts all began here. Then awaken your senses with original performances by the students of National Circus School (NSC). And finally attend the show, La Flèche au cœur.

When ?

Wednesday the 6 of June, 2012

6:00 pm: Cocktail followed by a hightop tourArrive early for the tour!
a unique opportunity to get under the skin of the circus artist.
7:00 pm:
Presentation of TOHU’s triple mission by director general, Stéphane Lavoie.
7:30 pm:
Preparation and set up by stage directors Marie-Josée Gauthier and Catherine Tardif
the student performances of NSC will impress you.
8:00 pm:
La Flèche au cœur performance
an ode to love, solidarity and hope, put on by Estelle Clareton and Howard Richard. See how the fruit of many years of professional training in the circus arts have paid off.

Where ?

TOHU - 2345 Jary West, Montreal, QC, H1Z 4P3
D’Iberville, bus 94 North
Jarry/Crémazie, bus 193 West

Cost ?

$40 (includes tour, presentation, wine, appetizers and performance)
Book now : http://

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artsScène™ Montréal is a national initiative of Business for the Arts dedicated to fostering the implication of emerging business leaders in the arts. As a privileged platform between the business and art worlds, artsScene aims to encourage philanthropy and artistic vitality in Montreal with values such as respect, sharing, creativity, commitment, openness and communication.

La TOHU, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1999 by En Piste (the national association of circus arts), the National Circus School and Cirque du Soleil, in order to ensure the influence of circus arts both here and abroad. The term “Tohu”, inspired from “tohu-bohu”, evokes the fermentation of ideas, the hustle and bustle that animate its place, its people and projects. La TOHU is a unique crossroads devoted to the dissemination, production, creation, and teaching of circus [arts]. La TOHU is also the hotspot for the circus arts milieu, the epicentre of amazing and exciting encounters between culture, environment and community.

National Circus School is an institution for higher education with a primary mission to prepare circus artists. The largest North American school devoted to advanced circus arts training, the National Circus School is an institution for higher education with a primary mission to prepare circus artists. Preparatory courses, extracurricular and arts-related secondary studies offer the possibility to young people aged 9 to 17 to begin their training while pursuing their studies. The three year program at the college level leads directly to professional practice. The National Circus School also trains instructors and trainers.

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