February 23, 2012: Behind the Scenes of the ensembles Caprice & Pentaèdre

Imagine…you are in the Tudor Hall, the very first music hall in Montreal; a splendid, magnificent, warm, and inviting part of our heritage. The chamber music groups Ensemble Caprice & Pentaèdre are waiting to share their passion for music and offer a peek at each of their unique styles of leadership that have allowed them to evolve as an ensemble and exceed all limits.


6 pm: network in a historical location
Make new contacts while diving into Montreal’s heritage and musical creativity.
7 pm: concert
Discover the uniqueness of chamber music and learn how leadership operates in music
8:15 pm: cocktail
Compare and exchange your management and leadership styles in the arts and business.


Tudor Hall, Ogilvy Department Store
1307 St. Catherine West, 5th floor
Montréal (QC)  H3G 1P7
Metro: Peel

How much?

$40 Including concert, wine and amuse-bouches

More info

artsScène™ Montréal is an initiative of Business for the Arts that encourages young professionals to engage with the arts in Montreal. It fulfils this mission though initiating and participative activities, as well as by encouraging volunteerism and philanthropy – all this in order to serve as the connecting point between the arts and business.

Ensemble Caprice:
Ensemble Caprice, an original voice in early music. Under the artistic direction of Matthias Maute and Sophie Larivière, Ensemble Caprice is renowned for its innovative interpretations of baroque music (17th – to start of 18th century).

A unique musical ensemble in the Canadian landscape, Pentaèdre explores and presents to the public a diversified and original chamber music repertoire, developed in the tradition of music for winds. The five artists-musicians forming the quintet are recognized for the talent, technique, precision and color they bring to their performances.

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Basson : Mark Kimpel     Violon baroque : Allen Garvin